Strap on your cowboy boots for a rip-snorting, rootin'-tootin' good 'ol time at Trail Ridge!

Trail Ridge offers summer camp opportunities for families and for young people in 3rd-12th Grades.  

Meet our speakers! 

Dwayne Morris

Kids Kamp 1
June 24-29
Dwayne Morris is the Youth and Family Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, WI.  He and his wife Angela have a passion for young people to come to know Christ and grow in their walk with him.

jim & faith Schneider

Kids Kamp 2
July 8-13
Uncle Jim and Aunt Faith are the hosts of "Kids Talk" on VCY America.  Uncle Jim leads each chapel session at camp, and Aunt Faith shares object lessons and holds some Bible Quizzing for the campers!

Jonathan Schuler

Junior Camp
July 15-20
Jonathan Schuler is the pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Beloit, WI.  He is known for his passionate singing in chapel and his great illustrations to help bring Scripture to life for the campers.  

Pete Wright

Teen Camp
July 22-27
Pete Wright is an instructor in the music department at Maranatha Baptist University.  He loves to speak to teens and is known for his lively piano playing.  He has been a youth pastor and enjoys engaging young people in ministry!  

What's New at Trail Ridge this Summer????

Farm Education Program

This summer, campers will have an opportunity to interact with some cool farm animals.  Going down to the "farm," campers will get a chance to learn about stewardship and responsibility as it comes to caring for these critters.  We'll be looking at Scripture drawing applications we can learn about God, our Great Creator and Designer.  


Slack-Lining is a new challenge and team-building element we'll be adding to our program this summer!  Test your ability and encourage your friends as you traverse this obstacle.  Learn trust, patience and encouragement when you go slack-lining this summer! 

Trail Breakfast

Campers this summer will get to experience breakfast on the trail this summer.  Campers will get up a little earlier this day and start their quest for some grub.  We'll be stopping at different points of the trail to partake in different elements of breakfast.

After breakfast, campers will head back to their cabins for personal devotion time.  That means cabins won't be inspected that day!  Everyone gets to relax a little on this fun morning!