Join our Summer Staff

We are hiring Counselors and our summer Operations Staff!  
Here's what we're looking for:
- Five Male Counselors
- Five Female Counselors
- Six Operations Staff Members
 Our summers are very labor-intensive, but rewarding through sharing the Gospel with each of our campers!

Looks like a lot of work...

Working at camp is a lot of work, but we do pay all our summer staff $350/week.  Summer staff also have the option to raise additional support from their church, family, and friends.  This experience will surely impact your life and open your eyes to camp ministry.  

2022 Summer Calendar

June 6-10--Flex Week 1
Up to six of our summer staff may arrive a week early to help prepare the camp facilities, get oriented, and lay a foundation for
their summer at Trail Ridge.  Staff coming for flex week arrive by noon on Monday, June 6.  

June 12--Staff Arrival
All staff (who opted out of Flex Week) arrive on Sunday afternoon.  We'll enjoy our first meal together,
take a tour of camp and get settled in our lodging for the next couple weeks.  

June 13-15--Basic Training
Consider this your drinking from a fire hydrant moment.  You'll get acquainted with camp policies and processes.  
This week, we'll work hard to get you familiar with the layout of camp, your fellow staff members, and your role here on the hill.
We'll also be making our final preparations for Family Camp.  

June 15-18--Family Camp
This short week of family camp will give you the opportunity to see camp in action and help out with various jobs:
Housekeeping, Programming, Kitchen, Snack Shop/Camp Store, and interacting/participating with our campers.  

June 20-24--Staff Training
Counselors and Operations Staff will spend this week getting into the nitty gritty of their roles at camp.  
Counselors will be trained on how to be counselors, what to expect during their week of camp, and how to most
effectively serve our campers.  Counselors will get a chance to move into their cabins and get
 them set up for the next several weeks.  Op Staff will get familiarized with crew leaders and job roles.  
Responsibilities will be assigned, and work will continue.  

June 26-July 2--Kids Kamp 1 (3rd-6th Graders)
Counselors will spend this week putting into action the things they've been learning and counseling a cabin of campers.  
Operations staff will fill whatever needs are present for the week.  

July 3-9--Kids Kamp 2 (3rd-6th Graders)

Counselors will spend this week counseling a cabin of campers.  
Operations staff will fill whatever needs are present for the week.  

July 10-16--Junior High Camp (6th-9th Graders)
Counselors will spend this week counseling a cabin of campers.  
Operations staff will fill whatever needs are present for the week.  

July 17-23--Teen Camp (9th-12th Graders)
Counselors will spend this week counseling a cabin of campers.  
Operations staff will fill whatever needs are present for the week.  

July 24-30--Guest Group/Debrief
All summer staff will come together and serve a guest group here at camp.  This week will also be
a time for refreshment after a busy month as well as time for some debriefing meetings.

August 1-5--Camp Cleanup/Debrief
All our staff will come together once again to close down the camp for the summer.  
Some debrief meetings, staff Christmas and outings will be part of this week as well.  Work will conclude Friday at noon.

August 8-12--Flex Week 2
Up to six staff members may stay this week to assist in the continuing projects here at camp.  Work will conclude Friday at noon. 

Summer Staff FAQ's

How old do I have to be?
All summer staff are required to be at least 18 years old.  If you are not 18 yet, consider volunteering on an operations crew for a week or more this summer to see what it's all about.  

How much money will I make this summer?
Summer Staff members will be paid $350/week.  You’ll be provided lodging and food during your time at camp as well.

Are these "Operations Staff"  positions a new thing?  
I haven't heard of this before?

Yes!  New this summer (2022) are the Operations Staff Positions.  This is a great opportunity to get a well-rounded look at camp ministry and take your chance to work in diverse camp roles.  

I've heard there's more to being a counselor than just counseling.  
What's that about?
Trail Ridge is smaller family environment.  When you aren't working as a counselor, you'll be helping with day to day camp operations including maintenance, housekeeping, helping in the kitchen among other things.  Helping out in other areas around camp is a great way to be a team player and help with the day to day needs of camp.  It's not uncommon to see our Camp Director helping on the grounds crew or to see our Maintenance Supervisor work in the kitchen.  Sometimes, our camp Cook is a part of the grounds/ housekeeping crew.  We're a part of the team here!  If you're not willing to scrub a toilet, cut some grass or wash some dishes, this probably isn't the right job for you.
This schedule looks pretty busy.  Will I have any free time? 
Most of your free time will be on the weekends.  During the weeks of camp, you'll be allowed to leave for the weekend about noon, and you'll need to be back on Sunday afternoon as we'll need to brief everyone for the next week of camp. Weeks of camp are busy, and you'll work long hours.  We believe strongly in "Work Hard; Play Hard; Nap Hard!"  You'll need to learn to manage your time in order to most effectively minister to our guests this summer.  

I have a previous commitment that would not allow me to be there the entire time.  Can we work something out?
Possibly.  If you are interested in the position, fill out the application.  Disclose the date(s) you will not be available to be at camp, and we will see what we can do.

Are there things I'll have to do before camp?
Yes.  You'll need to develop cabin devotion discussions (one for each day).  You'll be tasked with some reading assignments before arriving as well.  You'll be assigned a skill time to coordinate an hour long program and activities for campers each day.  You'll also need to be preparing yourself physically and spiritually for this summer.  Specifics will be given upon acceptance.

I still have more questions.  What do I do?
We’d be happy to talk to you.  Either call the camp office at 608-489-3810 or email