2018 Summer Camp

 "Character Quest: A Life-Changing journey through God's Word"

This summer, we'll be exploring God's Word seeking Godly character that should be evident in all of our lives as well as watching out for poor character qualities.  Will you be a King Ahab or a King Solomon?  A Queen Esther or Queen Jezebel?  A Mary or a Gomer?  A Nadab or a Josiah?  Through our nine chapel sessions, personal devotions and cabin devotions, we'll go straight to The Book for guidance on building Godly character.
Common sense says, "Learn from your mistakes."  Wisdom dictates, "Learn from others' mistakes, so you don't have to make those same mistakes."  One may look at the bad examples of character in the Bible and think what poor choices those people made.  At camp this summer, rather than scoff at the highs and lows in someone's life; we will learn to take the knowledge they gained through their life experiences and apply it to our own lives.  

2018 Youth Camp Registrations Now Open!

More information can be found in the "Summer Camps" link.  
Discounts Available for the summer of 2018: 
  • Early Bird: Campers who register by April 30th will receive a $20 discount making the cost of camp $195!
  • Child/Grandchild of a Volunteer: If a parent/grandparent volunteers for a week or more of summer camp, their children or grandchildren will receive a special discount.  If they have just one child or grandchild attending camp, that camper will cost $100!  If there are more than one camper, the first will cost $100 and any child/grandchild after that will cost $150!  NOTE: Friends or other relations will not be able to receive this discount: It is only for the children or grandchildren of our summer volunteers.  
  • First Time Camper:  If you have never been a camper at Trail Ridge before this summer, you will receive a $50 discount making camp cost just $165.

Volunteering provides much more
than a "rewarding experience"

Volunteering at Trail Ridge is an excellent opportunity to serve alongside fellow believers.  Year-round volunteer service is vital to the ongoing ministries here at Trail Ridge.  Service groups, individuals, teens, adults and senior citizens are all important as the types of jobs differ.  Lawn mowing, cleaning, painting projects, mechanic work, tree trimming and much more are regularly in progress.

During the summer we need volunteers to spend a week or more at camp working on a crew to keep summer camp operations running smoothly.  Volunteers age 15 and up can work on the housekeeping crew, grounds crew or kitchen crew.  Volunteer lifeguards, nurses and activities assistants also contribute to a successful summer program.  


Trail Ridge has been serving young people, teens and families with Christian camp and outreach ministry since 2001!  With almost 20 years of ministry at camp and lots of use, some of our kitchen equipment has broken down and is needing an update.  One of our convection ovens and our dish sanitizing system must be replaced as soon as possible so our kitchen can run more efficiently with a full schedule ahead of us.  

We are currently in the midst of a fundraising campaign.  The cost to replace these appliances and a few smaller related needs is approximately $15,000.  If you're able to help with this special project, just send your gift for the "Trail Ridge Kitchen Project" to Trail Ridge Camp care of VCY America//3434 W Kilbourn Ave.//Milwaukee, WI 53208.  You can also call and donate over the phone at 800-729-9828.  Just make sure you mention the "Trail Ridge Kitchen Project."  You can even Donate to this project online using the link below!

Thank you for supporting the ongoing outreach ministry of Trail Ridge Camp!

Give to Camp

Just like volunteering, giving to camp can be done in many different ways.  Visit our donations page for more information.  Everybody can be involved in giving to camp in some way.  

Your tax-deductible gift to Trail Ridge helps with the different aspects of ministry of camp like Summer Camps, Specialty Retreats and Events, and the Mailbox Club.  

Guest Groups

Trail Ridge Camp and Conference Center is available for like-minded church and ministry groups to use the facilities at an affordable rate.

Our facilities are great for: 
-Church Retreats
-Youth Group Events
-Homeschool Events
-Christian School Groups
-The possibilities are endless!!

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