Mailbox CLub

What is the Mailbox Club? The Mailbox Club is a special devotional correspondence course for young people.  When you enroll in the Mailbox Club, you will be sent your first lesson in the mail.  You'll read the lesson and answer the questions inside the lesson booklet.  After you complete the questions, you'll mail them back to camp.  Your answers will be graded and sent back to you with the next lesson.  We'll keep sending you lessons as long as you keep sending us completed questions pages or until you've completed the course.

Why the Mailbox Club?  The purpose of the Mailbox Club at Trail Ridge is to encourage our campers to have a consistent time that they spend reading and studying God's Word.  When campers come to Trail Ridge, we set aside a personal devotion time in the morning and a group devotion in the evening. When campers return home, it is sometimes difficult to keep that good habit of daily Bible study.  When spiritual decisions are made at camp, we know it's important to continually do our part to disciple campers.  That's why we started to offer the Mailbox Club!

Who can participate in the Mailbox Club?  Trail Ridge will be offering Mailbox Club lessons for young people ages 7-17 with US Addresses.  Of course parents are also encouraged to work with their students as needed to keep them studying God's Word!  As students get older, their studies in the Mailbox Club will get increasingly deeper in their content.  We will start out every student on the earliest lesson possible for their age so they can have plenty of lessons to go through in the future.    

How much does it cost me?  NOTHING!  Being a member of the Mailbox Club is absolutely free to you.  However, you will have to pay for postage when you send your questions pages back to camp.  If you live close to camp, you can save yourself the postage by dropping off your lessons at the camp office.

How do I sign up?  Enrolling in the Mailbox Club is easy!  Just complete the form to the right.

I'm not able to be participate in the Mailbox Club.  What can I do to help?  We'll be mailing out many lessons.  There is a cost for the printed lessons as well as for the postage.  If you'd like to help us in this endeavor, you can donate to the Trail Ridge General Fund Here.