At Trail Ridge, we run various programs all year long. Throughout the year we go through basic items as we clean, conduct maintenance, and host activities. The cost of all these items adds up! Below are lists of several departments' "most wanted" items.  These are some of the most commonly used materials that we use on a regular basis. You may have some of these items sitting around your home, or may work in a trade that gives you access to these materials. Take a look through the lists and see if you're able to help out! You can mail donation items, or just drop them off directly at camp. Please call ahead of time to schedule a drop-off time. If you live in southeast Wisconsin, you can drop off donations at VCY America- just let them know it's for Trail Ridge. 


Pump Hand Soap (not anti-bacterial)
Paper Towels
Pod-Type Laundry Detergent


Styrofoam Cups (12 oz)
Divided Styrofoam Plates
Disposable Cutlery
Dixie Cups
Disposable Napkins
Gallon & Quart Ziploc Bags
Dawn Dish Soap (75 oz)
Medium & Large Vinyl Gloves


Gift Cards

Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks
Construction paper
Perler Beads Kits
Washable Markers (Multi-Colors)
Sharpies (Multiple Colors)
Fabric Markers (Multi-Colors)
Sam's Club
Home Depot
Kwik Trip
Hobby Lobby
Michael's Craft Store


1 inch binders
8 ½ x 11 Copy Paper
Pocket Folders
Postage Stamps


Duct Tape (any color)
Cheap Liquid Landry Detergent
Lego Brand Legos



1/2" OSB
Treated 2x4's
Treated 2x6's
Treated 4x4's
Treated 5/4 Decking


Motor Oil (various--Call and ask)
Hydraulic Oil
Tubes of Grease
Disposable Ear Plugs
Starting Fluid, Brake Cleaner, PB Blaster, WD-40
Coolant (50/50 or full-strength)
Disposable Blue Shop Towels


Sloan Flush Valves (A 41-A 1.6gpf)
1/2" Pex
1/2" Pex Crimp Rings, Couplers, 90-Deg. Elbows
3/4" Pex
3/4" Pex Crimp Rings, Couplers, 90-Deg. Elbows
1/2" & 3/4" Shark Bite Couplings
Blue Monster Teflon Tape


Pail of Durabond
Various size Paint Brushes (Wood Handled)
10, 30, 90 Minute Mud Mixes
Various Colors of Spray Paint
Field Marking Paint (White, Yellow, Orange)
18" Roller Naps
Paint Thinner


12-2 Romex
Outlets and Plates
Switches and Plates
Work Boxes and Nail-in Boxes
4' T8 Fluorescent Bulbs (Soft Yellow)
LED Vanity Bulbs
LED Bulbs


Bar Oil
Mixing Oil
Weed Wacker String (.095)
Ear Muffs
Dust Masks
Hand Tools (Rakes, Shovels, etc.)

Special Projects

We occasionally have needs for lumber, paint, and other construction/remodeling materials. Special tools and equipment are sometimes needed to keep up with ongoing repairs.  If you have any of these things you'd like to donate, please contact us to see if we can use it or have room to keep that in stock for a future project.  

We also are building a contact list for tradespeople: carpenters, electricians, arborists, painters, plumbers, HVAC, etc.  If you are skilled in a particular trade and are willing to donate time or materials, please give us a call or send an email so when we could use your services, we can contact you first!  

Drop-Off Locations

Trail Ridge Camp
S2695 Cherith Way
Hillsboro, WI 54634
VCY America
3434 W Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208