Donate to the ongoing ministry at Trail Ridge

There are many ways you can be involved in helping the ministries of Trail Ridge Camp and Conference Center.  Your gifts help keep the different ministries of camp running smoothly! 

Monetary Donations

Financial gifts to Trail Ridge assist with the ongoing needs at camp.

Donations can be sent to:
Trail Ridge Camp
C/O VCY America
3434 W Kilbourn Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208.

You can also donate online using this link.

Wish List

Trail Ridge has a wish list on  This is a list of things that would be helpful here at camp.  View this wish list by clicking HERE.

On this list are things for the kitchen, recreation equipment, maintenance and more.  Items will be shipped directly to camp and are tax deductible!

Special Projects

We occasionally have needs for construction/remodeling materials like lumber, paint, parts, pieces and thing-a-ma-jigs.  Special tools and equipment are sometimes needed to keep up with ongoing repairs.  If you have any of these things you'd like to donate, please contact us to see if we can use it or have room to keep that in stock for a future project.  

Daily Needs

At Trail Ridge, we run various programs all year round.  Throughout the year we go through basic items as we clean, conduct maintenance, make facility improvements and host many activities. 

The cost of all these items adds up, and it would be a great help to have these basic needs provided by our supporters.  Items from THE LIST can be donated and would be helpful any time of the year. 

Donate your Car

Vehicle donations are a great way to support Trail Ridge

You can now donate your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV to the camp ministry!  If you've got a vehicle in any condition that you'd like to donate, you can contact CARS by calling (855) 500-7433 or by visiting their web site below.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of your car will go straight to Trail Ridge.  
Another way to donate your car, truck, van or SUV would be to call Trail Ridge at 608-489-3810 to see if we could use that vehicle for our day to day camp operations.  If so, we may be able to schedule the pick up of your vehicle.  If you wish to donate in this way, we request that a vehicle be dependable and not in need of immediate repair.
Take a look at the area below to see if your vehicle may be of use in the day to day operations of camp!

Help us create a
Lego Imagination Station

We are creating a space in our game room to spark campers' creativity and see what they can build with Legos!  We're looking for Lego-brand (no knockoffs) sets, collections, or just bins of random pieces that you don't know what to do with anymore.  To donate your Legos to camp, contact us through email at or by calling the camp office at 608-489-3810.

We've got this project started:  
Help us reach the finish line!

Wanted: Patio Furniture

The Thomas Administration Center, home of the camp offices, infirmary, craft room, guest lodging and staff dorms, has an incredible deck on the back side of the building.  Underneath the deck is the walk in lower level with its own concrete patio.  For years, we've used plastic, wobbly-legged chairs in these areas as seating. These plastic chairs have weathered many-a-storm, but have now retired from service.  
It may be covered in snow right now, but we are looking for patio furniture for our guests to use in this peaceful setting.  Furniture must be:
Types of furniture we can use:
-Rocking/Gliding chairs or benches
-Patio Tables and chairs
-Swings (with or without frames)
-Chairs or Benches
-Adirondack Chairs
-Heavy and sturdy furniture (so it can't be blown around by the wind)
Types of furniture we cannot use:
-Tables frames with missing or broken glass/tile
-Chairs with ripped fabric
-Furniture smelling like cigarette smoke
-Furniture bearing evidence of pet wear and tear (claw or chew marks)

Psalm 46:10
"Be still and know
that I am God..."

Please contact camp before making plans to drop off your patio furniture.  Email using the link above or call 608-489-3810.

Vehicle/Equipment Donations

Trail Ridge is located in rural Hillsboro, WI.  In order to procure supplies for camp like food, hardware, materials, and such we have to be able to get to town.  The camp property is a total of 385 acres.  As you can imagine, there's always a lot of work to be done to maintain and make the best use of the facilities God has blessed us with.  Our facilities are very spread out, so our staff need dependable daily drivers to help us make the most of our work day.  Below are a few items that would be of great help to the camp.  If you have any of these items that you'd be interested in donating to Trail Ridge, please call our camp office at 608-489-3810 or email:

Grapple Attachment

A skid steer grapple attachment would be such a help to our maintenance department!  This attachment would not only help us be more efficient, but also safer as we do tree work, hauling and landscaping.  This would work on our little skid steer as well as our tractor.

Industrial Wood Chipper

Tree work is an ongoing project at camp.  We cut a lot of firewood and clean up many dangerous or already fallen trees on a regular basis.  Having a chipper would help us make use of the whole tree by using the wood chips to landscape and beautify the camp.  

Bucket Truck/Cherry Picker/aerial lift

This would also be very helpful for tree work, painting projects and more.  A truck would need to be 4 wheel drive. 

Utility Vehicles

ATV's, UTV's, Mini Trucks, small pickup trucks (Ford Ranger size), 4 wheelers, gas golf carts, etc. are all types of vehicles that would be of great service at camp.  Each serve various purposes and come in handy so often.  

Other Vehicles

Over the years, various donors have given their older vehicles to camp.  These vehicles are used for short trips to town, working around camp and transporting volunteers to their work sites.  Vehicles of most use would be SUV's, Mini Vans and hatchback cars.

Mini Excavator or Backhoe

A mini excavator or backhoe to fit on our tractor would save a lot of time with the various projects on the waiting list.  

Stump Grinder

When the tree work is almost done, we're left with stumps.  Some stumps can be utilized, but most of them need to go.  Stump grinders come in various forms: residential size, professional size and a skid steer attachment.  Regardless of the type, there are several places a stump grinder would come in handy around the property in landscaping the "developed" parts of camp as well as helping as we continue to expand our trail system.  

Hay Spear

As we feed our critters down at the farm in the colder months, we're finding more and more that a hay spear would be a huge help.  A skid steer mounted hay spear is what we're looking for so we can stack round bales up in the barn in the summertime and loading our hay feeders in the winter. 

If you aren't in a position to donate any of these items, would you consider giving toward the rental or purchase of needed equipment?

Over the past few years, we've had the following vehicle/equipment donations:
-12 foot batwing lawn mower
-New 70 HP Kubota Tractor with front end loader
-4x6 Enclosed Trailer
-A Small Pickup Truck
-A Mid-size Toyota SUV
-A 3/4 Ton Chevy Pickup Truck

Praise the LORD!!!