Work Volunteers

Volunteers accomplish a great work here at camp.  Even during our "off season", there are still far too many things needing to be done for us to accomplish on our own!  Among our list of projects is cabin remodels, painting, cleaning, landscaping, mowing, weedwhacking, firewood cutting, and much more.

Whether you're only able to come for a day, or you'd like to stay for a few, we would greatly appreciate your willingness to work!  We'll provide you and anyone you bring along with meals and a place to stay as long as you're here.  Families, individuals, and church groups are all welcome!
Click on the button below to fill out an application, and select "General Work Volunteer" at the top of the form to get started!

Here are some jobs we need volunteers to help with: 

Housekeeping Related

Cleaning cabins
Cleaning Thomas Center dorms
Sweeping out the Auditorium
Cleaning the Game Room/Snack Shop
Window washing all around camp
Clean/detail vehicles and equipment

Specialty Projects

Electrical: Installing lighting in the shop
Running more outlets in the shop

Plumbing: Replacing sink drains in dining hall

Mechanical: Small engine repair

Drywall/Painting: Install new drywall in dorms
Paint restrooms in Thomas Center LL
Paint Chapel restrooms

Carpentry: Installing new bunk rails
Outdoor/Landscaping Related

Weeding flower beds
Weed whacking
Splitting and stacking firewood (with mechanical splitter)
Cutting down marked trees around camp
Pruning trees
Grinding ttumps
Mowing with a zero turn mower
Pressure wash sidewalks and pool deck