Meet Our Staff

Aaron & Amber Schneider

Camp Director & Support Staff
As Camp Director, Aaron heads up all of the coordinating and facilitating of year-round programming for our many retreats and weeks of camp as well as representing the camp at many events and conferences throughout the year.  Amber manages the Farm Education Program, and when needed, she fills in as the Camp Nurse.  Her and our four Hillbillies help with meal cleanup, running Hillbilly Lemonade and helping wherever needed.  Recently, Aaron and Amber began hosting the weekly radio program, "Kids Talk" on VCY.   

AAron's Favorite...

Amber's Favorite...

Bible Verse: Isaiah 26:3-4
Camp Activity: Trap Shooting
Camp Event: Father/ Son Retreat
Snack Shop Item: Dr. Pepper
Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, cooking, sipping a cup of good coffee, and hunting.  In the past few years, I've enjoyed learning to do my own minor vehicle repairs from watching YouTube and also butchering wild game and livestock.  
Bible Verse: Galatians 2:20
Camp Activity: Being down at the Lake
Camp Event: Kids Kamps
Snack Shop Item: ICE drinks
Hobbies: I'm a mom.  I like being outdoors, gardening, and camp fires.  I enjoy being a homemaker too.  I also enjoy a good afternoon at the gun range!

Josh & Amy Aldrich

Maintenance Supervisor & Support Staff
Josh manages the maintenance and grounds department.  He works with volunteers and coordinates crews working on special projects. Amy takes care of the majority of our print and marketing materials and graphic design.  She is also our year-round chapel pianist and camp photographer.  Josh and Amy's little Hillbilly is often found riding on the tractor with dad or riding co-pilot as mom is out taking pictures.

Josh's Favorite...

AMy's Favorite...

Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58
Camp Activity: Tomahawk Throwing
Camp Event: Father/ Son Retreat
Snack Shop Item: Black Cherry ICE
Hobbies: I enjoy hunting and spending time with my family. My hobbies are anything that gets me outdoors, in the woods, or on a lake - hunting, fishing, or just driving around the country.
Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:1
Camp Activity: Trap Shooting
Camp Event: Mother/ Daughter Retreat
Snack Shop Item: Cotton Candy
Hobbies: I love anything musically related!  Baking is one of my favorite relaxing things to do, and I also enjoy photography, being a mom, and roadtripping with my family!

Bethany Schneider

Hospitality Manager/ Programming
Bethany has always been one to help out wherever needed whether that be facilitating an activity, helping with a maintenance project, or even work in the kitchen.  She's recently taken on the role of "Hospitality Manager" and is beginning to take the lead with planning the programing and activities that campers enjoy so much.
Bible Verse: Psalm 121:1-2
Camp Activity: Swimming in the Pool
Camp Event: Senior Saints or Young Adult's Retreat
Snack Shop Item: Coke Slushy
Hobbies: I'm always up for any kind of adventure!  I LOVE kids, cooking, crafting, cacti, and learning about the Southwest.  Nothing beats a nice summer day in my hammock with a good book.

Cynthia Larson

Camp Cook Intern
Cynthia is our head cook at camp, and is responsible for the sometimes daunting task of filling up the bottomless stomachs of our campers. As an intern, she often helps out with various projects around camp including assisting with the Mailbox Club.
Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:13
Camp Activity: Singing at the Campfire
Camp Event: Young Adult's Retreat
Snack Shop Item: Dr. Pepper
Hobbies: Collecting and reading books, especially history/historical fiction, randomly bursting into song, drinking coffee, and Scripture memorization. I also love walks around camp with my dog, Licorice.

Georgie Thacker

Office Manager Intern
As the Office Manager, Georgie oversees our event registrations, social media, as well as answering phones and emails.  She helps out with housekeeping projects and anywhere another pair of hands is needed.  
Bible Verse: Psalm 18:28
Camp Activity: Carpet Ball
Camp Event: Kids Kamps
Snack Shop Item: Takis
Hobbies: Each year, I cannot wait for the first day of summer camp!  I enjoy everything camp related and love being with kids. In the evenings, I like playing with Larry, my Bearded Dragon lizard.

2023 Trail Ridge Camp Staff