Camp Cancellation Policy

In order to successfully register for an event, you'll need to pay the minimum non-refundable deposit.  If you decide to cancel your reservation for camp or a special event at camp, you need to contact the camp office as soon as possible.  Call 608-489-3810 or email  If you've paid your full balance, all but the deposit will be returned to you.   If you have questions regarding the amount of refund or the process, feel free to contact the camp office.  

Why would you keep my deposit? 

When you register, we plan on you being at camp.  Depending on the event, we'll prepare lodging for you and plan on you for meal times.  If you don't show up, time and money is wasted in those preparations and expenses.  To cover the cost and inconvenience, we use that non-refundable deposit you made when registering.